Why does USAA conceal future credit card statement closing dates on the mobile app and the website?  The statement only lists the closing date for that month.  Future statement ending dates can only be obtained by speaking to a represntative.  This is a less than ideal service to your members. 


Hello @SignalCorps Soldier. I understand your concerns of the statement ending date not showing online. I will forward your feedback regarding this for further review. -Colleen

Seeking a status update. It has been 4 weeks

@SignalCorps Soldier, I'm sorry that you have not received an update. You can view future credit card statement closing dates by following these steps:


USAA website

  1. Logon to usaa.com.
  2. Go to your credit card account page.
  3. Scroll to Account Services at the bottom of the page.
  4. Select View/Change Payment Due Date.

USAA Mobile App:

  1. Logon to the USAA Mobile App.
  2. Tap your credit card in the list of accounts.
  3. Select Menu in upper right corner.
  4. Choose View/Change Payment Due Date.

By following the above steps, you can see future statement closing dates, as well as payment due dates. I hope this helps! ~DC 

Thank you for responding. I followed your steps, and while your system may display my future statement closing dates, the website and mobile app only allow the member to change future due dates. No future statement dates are displayed. The only recourse is to call USAA to obtain this information.
While it may appear trivial to some, it is financially important to me. The reason behind my request is to avoid paying interest, as I do not carry a balance. That said, I do not want to exceed my budget. I need to ensure any transaction(s) posts on a future statement and not the current one, which fluctuates a day or two depending on the days in a month.
One can only speculate that USAA does not do this because 1) it is not required by law, and 2) for financial gain. Please understand that the tone of my words is that of sincerity and not with any ill-will as I love USAA. Making future statement ending dates available via self-service options would provide for a better member experience.
I am appreciative of your efforts towards a resolution and hope this feedback reaches the powers that be and is implemented in the near future.

I would suggest opening up a Citibank card.  They have a card that pays 1% on what you purchase and 1% on what you pay.  Pay the card in full and earn 2% back.  This is higher than USAA.  Also, the statement ending date is clearly shown on the web page.  You do not have to look for it or clink a link.  USAA has really changed and I basically no longer use any of their services and left USAA after 40 years.  I lowered my insurance bill for a total now of 60% after the first renewal away from USAA.  (Yes when the policy renewed, there was also a substantial decrease as well as when I first signed up for the policy.  When was the last time you saw a premium decrease when your USAA policy renewed?)  The credit card I have now pays a higher reward than the USAA credit card.  My credit union offers better rates than USAA does for every product I need.  USAA's growth at all costs has basically destroyed a once proud company.  I put the blame on all of the CEOs that have run USAA after General McDermott died.  Google USAA CEO compensation and see where you money has gone.

@Bigbb, thanks for responding. My most recent reply to the representative should explain my request. In hindsight, I should have stated my initial request more clearly.
I will say the American Express Cash Back rewards card gives you 5% rewards for gas, 2% for groceries, and 1% for all other purchases. A couple of years ago USAA rolled out a 2% Limitless card to most states but abruptly stopped offering it before it hit mine. I take advantage of Discover‘s 5% with specific merchants when offered.
I am glad your insurance decreased and will be mindful of your words. While my home/auto premiums increased slightly the past 2 years, they decreased the previous 2 years. My VPP has never increased and my Umbrella slightly decreased after 1 year and has remained the same since without any policy changes made on my end.
Thanks for taking the time to share and offer your advice.

@signalcorpssolider, when changing the due date, a list of statement closing dates are also listed so you are aware of when your statements will close each month.  

I stand corrected! This morning I tried your steps again and while the mobile does not, the website does. Perhaps that feature was down when I tried. Sincere thanks for your time.

@SignalCorps Soldier, we are glad to hear it worked! Let us know if you need any further assistance. Have a wonderful day and thank you for your membership! :) ~Sarah