Due to a couple credit card issues in the last year wherein my card was used in another state by persons unknown, I'm wondering if there is any option for two factor authentication for every charge (except scheduled autopays)?  The two factors would be (1) posession of the card, card number, and code on the back, and (2) the phone assigned to the account capable of using text messaging.  If I knew I'd get a text every time my card was used providing me business/location, and the charge wouldn't go through unless/until I answered Y, it would make me feel much more secure.  Autopay is the part of this that might be tricky though.


Does USAA offer anything like this?  Is this even something USAA could do (or would it require VISA?)?


@ContentGuy, I'm sorry to learn that you were a victim of fraud. At this time, USAA does not offer two-factor authentication for credit card purchases. However, I'm happy to share your recommendation with the appropriate USAA team. 


In the meantime, you may wish to sign up for Account Alerts. We offer a specific alert for "an individual charge is above specified dollar amount". This type of alert will be sent whenever an authorization is approved for an amount that is above the amount that you specify. For example, if you enter $50, we'll send you an alert whenever an authorization above $50 is approved. If you did not authorize the transaction, you may notify us immediately. 


You must tell us at once if a credit card is lost or stolen or you think someone used your Account without your permission. You may notify us by calling 1-800-531-USAA (8722). Cardholders are not liable for unauthorized use of a credit card. “Unauthorized use” means use by someone other than a Cardholder or Authorized User for which a Cardholder or any member of a Cardholder’s immediate family does not receive a direct or indirect benefit.


You can sign up for Account Alerts from the website home page by selecting the Profile & Preferences link under the dropdown with your name and then select the Account Messaging tab.


I hope this helps! ~DC​​​​​​​