Hi there! I started my first job back in August. I have been applying for credit cards, to start building my own line of credit, but I keep getting denied due to "insufficient experience," or "no credit history." My family and friends informed me that I am hurting my credit everytime I apply for a card. However, if I've never a credit card, loan, mortage, etc. am I really hurting my credit if I don't have any? Also, any recommendations as to what I should apply for? I have no idea where to begin if I'm not even given the opportunity to start building credit. Thank you! 


Young Person Learnin - These are all great questions. As we are not credit counselors, however, we are not bale to provide this kind of advice. I would urge you to find a credit counselor to help you make these kind of decisions. I hope this infomration is helpful. - Jason