During this National Crisis I would expect USAA to be leading the charge in providing assistance to its members.  Unfortunately, that isn't the case.


I called and asked if I could skip one credit card payment to help with cash flow situation due to reduced hours at work.  USAA said they best they could do was allow me not to make a payment but interest would still accrue.  That's not helpful at all!  I typically pay my card off every month and never pay credit card interest.  I could just make the minimum payment and be in the same position as what they offered.


To put things in perspective, I got a message from Apple the next day offering to let me skip a payment!  No interest or other penalties.  And, I did it all with one click on the message.  Approved two days later.


USAA has really begun to falter over the last ten years or so.  Their insurance and loan rates are seldom competitive and their credit card rewards programs are especially poor.  It really has me questioning the value of my membership.


Color me disappointed in USAA.


@F14AV8R, it's difficult to read this. We never want any of our members to feel as though we've let them down, especially during this time of uncertainty. We appreciate your longtime membership. I've submitted your feedback to the appropriate teams for review. Thank you for taking the time to post today. ~Holland

That member hit it on the head and something I have been saying for years.  USAA is no longer the bank/insurer that cares for its members like it once did - it is strictly bottom line.  Rates - barely competitive, service level...not as good as others. No point in pretending you're different when in actuality you are Chase Manhattan or State Farm.  Same service, same rates, and same rules with only exclusivity and a patriotic label to set yourself apart.