Yesterday, my wife gets a message from USAA that they have reduced her credit card limit from $10K to $2K. She had a zero balance and had not used her card for a while. All varieties of FICO and VantageScore above 710, no negatives / lates / problems of any type on any account (ever), ~25% overall utilization and 2 new cards within the past year. The USAA card has been open since 2014.

She calls and is told the decision will not be reversed. She calls again, gets the executive resolution team, and in frustration, hands the phone to me. The guy tells me the following:


  1. All cards with 2+ years of inactivity had their limits cut.

  2. Any other reason for the cut listed on the notice are standard credit report reasons we all get - the only reason for the cut was the inactivity.

  3. He said he was getting a very large number of calls on this., and it's the hottest topic for them.

  4. The decision is final, but she can apply for an increase in six months.

I had an less-than-pleasant conversation with him about the reasoning. I told him that if this were BofA or WF, I would have expected it, but I thought more of USAA than to cut credit during a pandemic.


I've seen the endless threads on bad service. I've previously gotten awful service in auto insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance, and in the financial area. This is a concern because of the reporting consequences of less available credit, especially given the current state of the world.  The executive relations team has also likely not told me the complete truth, based on this thread, where the member says his limit was reinstated:                

(I can't get this post to link - but here is what was said on page 2, along with an archive link):

Today USAA sent me a letter through the message service. They have reinstated the credit limit: Thank you for choosing us for your credit card needs. We regularly review credit limits on accounts and make adjustments when necessary. As the environment shifted due to COVID-19, we did an evaluation of accounts that have not been used in more than two years and notified you that the credit limit on your credit card ending in XXXX was decreased. However, after a reevaluation, we have determined that we are able to reinstate your account to your original credit line of $12,200.00. There is no action needed on your part. To see this change, please log on to your account on or use the USAA Mobile App. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, as we know this may be a financially challenging time.


What success have members had in getting their credit limit back?


DBS1201 - I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. - Jason

It would be most helpful if someone could help me understand why I was told "the decision is final," when another member had the decision reversed.

Six days ago, you said you were engaging a specialist to review the details.  I've heard from no one.  What is the status here?

@DBS1201, Thank you for reaching out. I would be glad to forward your inquiry to the appropriate area. I can only apologize that we are not able to review account or case details in this channel for you privacy. ~ Suzy 

@ wrote:

Six days ago, you said you were engaging a specialist to review the details.  I've heard from no one.  What is the status here?

Engaging a specialist usually means they'll forward your request to someone else to consider your issue for a response. Now whether you get a response or not from that person--is another question mark. They cut the credit limit on my daughter's credit even while she was using it a couple times a year to rent books while in college. They cut it down to $300 when she started graduate school and gave her the brush-off. The only way to reconsider the case was to perform another credit check--which would have lowered her credit score. There's no guarantee it would have helped her get back the limit she had which was around $2500. It has been about four years since she has used it, and we're sure they closed it because she never received a new card. They failed to send her a letter notifying/informing her of the action. Then about three years ago I decided to terminate our banking/investment relationship with USAA by closing (and moving) everything. I had been a banking member since the mid 1980s. Went back to NFCU since I've been with them since the 1970s and haven't had an inkling of a thought about coming back. Better products and incentives for loyal members--and "truly world class" in my opinion. My daughter was treated much better. Like many have already mentioned--USAA isn't what it used to be. Hope things work out for you and your family. Cheers, G.R., Lt Col, USAF (RET)