Charles L

Is it just me, or have the credit card terms been getting less favorable and fees gotten higher over the last year or so? 


Hi Charles, I don't have any cards with USAA anymore. Closed them a couple years ago (after 30+yrs), because I no longer saw any advantages in keeping them--plus a variety of issues that I won't bore you (or anyone) with. I believe things went downhill quicker the moment they dropped Mastercard for Visa. My daughter recently received her notice that CC transfer fees and cash advances were going up to 3%. Even more of a reason to avoid those two services--unless you really have an emergency or no other choice. No big deal for her since she hasn't used her card since 2016 (she put a block on it). It only has $300 credit limit and not enough for a graduate student to really do anything productive with it. In fact USAA hasn't sent her a new one after it expired some time ago.  She uses her NFCU CC since it has better offers for members and more acceptable credit limit--allowing her to get things she needs without exceeding her financial resources.