I have been a member of USAA for over 16 years but recently I have been evaluating other options.  Recently I have tried to dispute a large transaction on my credit card over 4K for a vacation that was cancelled by the company and then not refunded to me.  USAA claims they cannot dispute and basically put up their hands, saying they can't do anything.  Visa shows you can dispute up to 540 days from transaction date, so not sure why USAA has a less time period than allowed, apparently they do not care about their members.   So now I am out the money and  I couldn’t even go if I wanted.  Theft all around. 



Do not expect any help from USAA credit card services, they do not back you up. 

@31yearmemberUSMC, I was able to locate your information and see the circumstance regarding your dispute .I will have this further reviewed.