Got a letter that our CC Beni's changed in early July and to visit for "complete details".  Well, more than a month later that site is down.  I called the CC Beni's dept which turns out to be a company assigned by Visa and not USAA.  When I ask the person what my CC Beni's are (specifically for covering Auto Rental insurance), they wanted to know what my CC# was...I wasn't too comfortable with this, especially with this day and age rampant phone fraud.  She again referred me to the website which was of "under repair".


Thank you so much for sharing your concerns with us regarding credit card benefits changing. I'm sorry to hear that the link we've provided you is not working. I will make sure to share this feedback with the appropriate department. Please allow me to do additional research and I will follow-up with you shortly. Thank you!

I was able to do additional research and thank you for your patience. Based on my research the representatives in the credit card benefits department should not be asking for your full account number. They should be asking you what type of card you have such as Visa Platinum, Visa Signature, American Express, etc. Based on the type of card you have they should be able to provide you with the benefits for your specific card. Please contact the benefits department at 866-200-9866. Thank you and please let me know if I can further assist you!