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Did anybody besides me get a letter with this caption from USAA recently?


Well, if you didn't, it announces a "new look and feel" on the USAA Mobile App (which I can't run because USAA requires me to buy a new phone if I want to) and, which I *do* use.  This has me worried because of what it says and does not say.  Every "enhancement" USAA has provided in recent years has had (1) a steep learning curve to find where things that used to be easy are now hidden; (2) bugs that  I've found when I tried to do things that had previously been simple; and (3) loss of useful functionality.  Sometime ago they took away .qfx downloads, that I used a lot.  Replaced with dysfunctional .csv that has only marginally improved.  I *hope* USAA will leave things that are working alone so I can still use them.


It is interesting that USAA is principally adding features that would ordinarily be found in personal finance software like Quicken.  If I had a suspicious mind, I would guess that USAA will next offer to export these transactions automatically to an online version of Quicken.  Then Quicken can pay USAA a referral fee.  Or something.


Just remember, USAA, that some of us like our financial data private and don't like the Quicken monopoly.  Try to force us into Quicken and the least that will happen is we will take our business elsewhere.

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I got the following "response" from USAA today.  My comments on the "response" are in bold.






USAA is committed to providing you with exceptional service. Yeah, right! We are writing in response to your concern regarding account maintenance which you outlined in your email.


Our records indicate that you concerned about the mobile application upgrade. USAA redesigned the mobile application in order to bring a better service experience for member such as: create more intuitive user experience, enhance navigation, improve performance and add some new search functionality. Therefore, member will need to update their phone in order to continue utilizing the mobile application.


In other words, exactly as I said, USAA is requiring me to get a new phone if I want to use the mobile app.  Never mind that the old version worked fine and was adequately secure.


So, why won’t USAA allow users with old phones to use legacy versions of its app?  Nothing about the app didn’t work for me, and I didn’t ask for or need any “enhancements.”


Regarding to the Quicken issue, USAA priority mission is to protecting member financial security and USAA has made the decision to discontinue the Open Financial Exchange (OFX) and utilize the Quicken service for better security protection.


Security? For whom?  Is USAA afraid someone will steal my downloads and use them as a way of hacking into   Not possible.  Steal my account information, perhaps, but anything I put on my computer can be stolen, including Quicken access and data.  It is my job, not USAA's, to keep my computer secure. 


Please tell us how much Quicken has paid USAA for this “security” feature.  ALL my other banks provide .qfx downloads.  Some are a good bit larger and more competent than USAA, but even my tiny local bank provides .qfx. There is no credible security issue here.


Your feedback regarding to these issues will be submitted to the leadership. Which leadership?  Please provide name and phone number.  I am sorry for any inconvenience caused by this update. Please do not apologize for something you didn't do and have no control over.  If you have any additional question, please call USAA customer service at 800-531-8722 for further assistance. 


Mr. Grandpa Charlie, we appreciate the opportunity to review this matter and respond to you. Should you have any additional questions, you can reach me at 800-531-8722 ext xxxxx.


USAA Federal Savings Bank has issued the final resolution on this matter (!); however, if you have additional questions, we invite you to contact us.


Thank you for allowing us to serve you and your banking needs.

We appreciate your feedback regarding Quicken.  We have ensured this was forwarded to the correct area for further review. We appreciate you letting us know.  Thank you.