The day after i had paid my six month auto bill, USAA gave an additional 20% off a monthly payment.  In my case this was about $55.  They gave the discount as a credit to my bill account.  I called and asked that it be put into my checking account.  Unbelivalble to me they could not do this simple task.  They explained that the company  rules required the credit to remain for three billing cycles before it could be used by my.


This is what you get from USAA for paying a bill quickly.  If I had waited a day or had I known about this new discount I could have immediate access to the money.


Very unfriendly way to conduct business.  I will be looking at other companies before renewing with USAA.




Hello, @NOLAJIM. This is very concerning to read. We definitely wouldn't want any member to feel this way. Please, bear with me as I engage the appropriate area for further review and support. ~ Steven