It seems like in my case where I'll admit if it were any other instances I wouldn't be due a refund. But in a national pandemic and state of emergency. You would think that it wouldn't be this difficult. If you seen the insulting dispute response. Basically saying 'we know you were screwed but the actual charge was valid' letter I got. Not once but twice from USAA. In fact the second letter was a forward of the original letter 'saying if u didn't hear us clearly'. (those aren't quotes but a summary) It's honestly a bit weird or almost misleading for usaa to have so many CSR's over the phone and here in this forum that seem understaing and seem like they are wanting and able to assist and yet the department that handles it has no intention on doing anything.

I wonder how many other people lost their money at this establishment. Guess that's how they are staying afloat in the pandemic. Guess that's my learning lesson for trying a bed and breakfast over large chain.