The coupon craze has began. Where do you find coupons online?


I use It has 3 groups of coupon sections plus you can download coupons to your Kroger card. It also has a section for finding coupons individually (if you do this one, you may want to create an email account specifically for junk mail. They will ask for an email address and it usually floods your email account). Good luck!
I use and to find some good deals. You just have to be careful you don't buy things you don't actually need.
I go to, great website.Kitty practically has a show, well there are various how to videos from setting you a coupon binder to how to do match-ups. She has links to various grocery store chains with their coupom policies. She also has a link for the program that sends expired coupons to military overseas since they are able to use them up to 6 months after expiration. The show Extreme Couponing is also a great source.
For one, I am a part of a coupon train. We circulate coupons amongst the members and take what we need and replace with what we don't. It's FAB-U-LOUS :) Members can join by request at I also use a few blog sites to find the best coupons online: Coupon Pro Money Saving Mom Couponing To Disney (fave) Totally Target I am a freak about my coupons and I love to save some $$
I have recently become a couponer. The two main sites I use online are and Both of these sites have coupon databases and give store breakdowns of what's on sale matched with available coupons (and where to find the coupons). Of course is still a favorite. For those of you new to couponing, you can always stack store coupons with manufacturer's coupons and save big at CVS, Target ( has a ton), Walgreens, RiteAid and local grocery stores.
Thanks for all the great advice to each of the posts below! I am new to couponing & I am so excited to get started! ~April
My hubby is retired AF, and we still shop at the commissary once a month (it's an 80 mile round trip for us). I always pick up a couple (of each) of the magazines at the commissary door. Also, buying the Sunday paper...I get 2 when they have Red Plum, Super Saver and P&G inserts. Target & KMart have coupons, as well as Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens...since they are local stores, I can save by not driving so far. I also have the rewards cards for Safeway and Fred Meyer, since they are right around the corner. When we visit our civilian son on Maui, we always use our Safeway card!
We recently started couponing....seriously, and the savings are amazing! We are a family of 8. Hubby is AD, we've got 6 hungry kiddos (plus all their hungry friends), and I'm a SAHM. We are now saving 65 - 70% off our total grocery bill, every month! For us, that is alot of $$s. It is an awesome feeling! For those of you who think it is too time consuming, here are 2 options I hope will help. 1. You can easily save 25 to 30% on your grocery bill, just by using the coupons in the Sunday paper and buying "on sale" items from your local stores, using the sale papers. Each week, stock up on items you use often...ketchup, ranch dip, hamburger, lean cuisines, etc. After a few weeks, you will have a good basic supply and won't have to buy those items for a while. 2. Here's how we increase that to save the 65 - 70%: Sign up for the Grocery Game online. Choose which store or stores you want to shop. We use Kroger, HEB, Walgreens and CVS. It's a great and inexpensive website that automatically shows you what's on sale, where to find coupons to increase your savings, and the percentage you will save. You can instantly print a shopping list to take with you. You'll save the cost of the subscription after your first shopping trip. 3. To save even more....Start buying the new "All You" magazine. It's only available at Wal-mart, or you can go online. This magazine is fantastic and you so not have to use the coupons at wal-mart. It also has tons of freebies, savings tips, etc. I buy it after the 15th, when it goes on clearance for $1.88 or less. Each magazine has almost $100.00 worth of coupons in it. (good coupons). I usually buy 7 or 8 of those, depending on what we need. The kiddos love to help cut out the coupons. Then add those coupons to the ones from the paper and the ones you print at home. Add that to your store sales, and you will be amazed at how much you save! The only store we've run into that doesn't let you "stack" coupons, is HEB. is another great website that allows you to print coupons online. I really hope this information is helpful. Every dollar counts these days. You can also use them to donate extrs to your local church pantry. God bless all of you and thank you, USAA for helping us military spouses like you do!
I recently started using more coupons and saving at least $80 with every trip, my favorite website for coupons is She has been featured on the TV reality hit show" Extreme Couponing". Good luck to everyone