Couldn't take Victory Capital Management any more

After struggling with VCM for what, 3? 4? months, I gave up on them and transferred my funds formerly held by USAA to Schwab.


The biggest problems were:

- Getting locked out of my online account for several days at a time twice (with no explanation, seemingly randomly)

- Unable to reach VCM on the phone - tried multiple times with one hour+ wait times

- Similar problems getting to them via their web-based chat app

- Ridiculous web site - I hated having to sit through their stupid 5 sec animation every time I logged in, and the authentication experience was poor (had to use 2FA every single time)


Terrible job on the part of USAA picking this partner who is still not ready for prime time. One of the worst business transitiions I've ever had to deal with (and that includes the Starwood/Marriott merger, which was just awful).



@David Go, I'm sorry this has been an undesirable experience for you. I will be sharing your feedback and concerns with the appropriate area. We appreciate your open and candid feedback. 
I wish you all the best, a wonderful weekend and even BETTER 2021! 

~ Lori C