What's the best way to convert dollars to euros for a trip to Europe?




The exchange rate between U.S Dollars and Euro's is constantly changing. Therefore you could check one of several websites which will do the calculation for you. In addition, there are Mobile Apps which also might help you.


Here are some EXTERNAL LINKS:


1. Google Search - Convert Dollars to Euros


2. Google Play Search - Android Mobile Apps - Dollar to Euro Converter


3. Apple iPhone App - Euro to Dollar **(There are more iPhone Apps but you need to visit iTunes Store via iPhone).


4. Apple iPhone App - XE Currency **(There are more iPhone Apps but you need to visit iTunes Store via iPhone).


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The best way is to place a travel alert on your USAA accounts. You can then simply withdraw the cash you need from ATMs as you go and you will get the best exchange rate doing that. Withdraw the max you can each time to minimize fees. Use the Chase Military Star card for credit card purchases and avoid the foreign transaction fees USAA charges,



Great Advice!


1. To place travel alerts on your USAA Accounts click on the following LINKS:


2. Use of ATM's overseas with magnetic strip on back Debit Cards / Credit Cards is getting harder and harder.


  • The world is moving to smart cards. It’s being done to reduce fraud.
  • Cards with a magnetic strip are fairly easy to counterfeit. Smart cards are harder to duplicate because the account information is encrypted and stored on a chip embedded in the card.The transaction is not authorized without the correct personal identification code.
  • Smart Cards use technology which is called chip-and-pin. These chip cards are often called EMV Cards because they were developed by Europay, MasterCard and Visa. Merchants outside the U.S. who accept EMV cards are also required (by Visa, MasterCard and American Express) to accept magnetic strip cards issued by American banks. But that doesn’t always happen.
  • Most overseas hotels allow for cash withdrawals via a magnetic strip ATM Card. As a back up plan, Members might want to try this to see if it works for them.
  • More info about Chip and PIN Credit Cards can be found here.

3. As for your advice on use of the Chase Military Star Card here is some information (for you and other Members):


  • Only USAA Members whom have a Military Star Card will be able to use your advice of "avoid the foreign transaction fees USAA charges".
  • Also there are TWO TYPES of Military Star Cards. Click here to see the differences.
  • In addition the use of Military Star Cards is limited to primarily "military installations / deployment sites" UNLESS you have a Military Star Rewards MasterCard offered by Chase Bank.

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I think the original post was asking, is it possible to buy Euros directly from USAA before going to Europe?  Or at least, that's my question.  :)







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  1. No I believe the original post was asking the question "If I know I need X amount of Euros what is that in US Currency?" which I answered. If it wasn't then the next two comments should answer any questions.

  2. The answer to your questons is NO. USAA has stopped all foreign currency transactions. That said,

    • USAA MasterCard does allow you to withdraw funds in Euros in overseas ATM.

    • You can still mail in checks drawn on Foreign Banks.

    • For more information read the USAA Foreign Currency Service FAQ found here.
  3. For information on what US banks currently sell Euros click here.

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The FAQ's say that we receive a "favorable exhange rate", I want to know what rate that is?  I know it changes from day to day but where does USAA get this "favorable exchange rate".  I live overseas and use my USAA debit card to withdraw euro all the time.  However there is no place on the website to look and see what I'm going to be charged that day to withdraw euros, I have to wait and see when it "hard posts" to my account.  I don't like this as it doesnt' allow me to shop around for a better rate.  So please explain what the "favorable rate" is and where it comes from so I can check daily before I withdraw euro.  Thank you!





I am sorry to hear about your recent experience. I’d love to get you in touch with someone who can help. Please email Expired Link with your member number and contact information.

I would like to make some purchases from outside the US, could you answer the question of what the rate will be in Canada and Mexico?

Hi Aron1,

That is a great question for one of our banking specialists who can be reached at 1-800-531-8722. Please keep in mind that the rates are always changing, so I recommend calling about the rate near the date and time you plan on making the purchase! Thank you!