USAA  bank sent me 3 convenience checks that appear tied to my USAA Mastercard.  The bank routing number and my Mastercard number appear at the bottom, so all one needs to do is fill one out and spend!  They're live blank checks!  That's BLANK checks, with no limit!   Received via unsolicited junk mail!


Isn't that highly hazardous?  It would be so easy for an unathorized person to get and use those checks, through misrouted or stolen mail, or possibly by searching someone's trash, where these almost got tossed until I realized their nature and dropped them in the shredder.


It's fine to promote convenience checks like any other banking service, but to stick live blank checks in a postal envelope that could wind up anywhere seems like very poor judgment on the bank's part.  I know USAA would back me if I'd spotted and reported a fraudulent charge on my account, but why put either of us throught the hassle?  This is simply a very bad idea.


Thank you for your feedback. This wouldn't be any different than mailing you checks for any account, in my personal opinion. Signatures would need verification etc. This is a common practice for many credit card companies and banks. However, I encourage you to share your concerns and perhaps see if there is a way to not have these mailed to you if it is a cause for alarm. You can email with your member number and concern. Thank you.

"...This wouldn't be any different than mailing you checks for any account, in my personal opinion..."  If that's the best you have to justify the convenience checks, I would invite you to reconsider.  If I order checks, they'll arrive by first class mail approximately when I expect them.   Your mailing was not sent by first class mail, instead arriving with an assortment of junk mail and looking exactly like junk mail (or if you prefer, unsolicited promotions).  More important, I did not ask for them and therefore wasn't expecting them.  Because of those two facts, they very nearly went straight to the unsecure recycle bin upon arrival with the other junk mail.  Nothing remotely like that happens to account checks that I order.


I have no intent to be caustic here, please don't misunderstand.  I'm only suggesting that this type of unsolicited promotion presents a risk that your management should consider in more depth.  In any case, it's a risk that this customer prefers not to see from his bank.


I'll follow up with the email you suggested.  Thanks for your reply.


That was my personal opinion as I am a community manager and a banking customer just like you are of USAA. I was sharing my thoughts in reply to your question and wanted you to know that they were personal. 

I also gave you the official answer, and what I would do if I felt the same as you. 


I'm sorry I didn't make that more clear. 


As I stated before, I would contact the member services representative at 1-800-531-8722 or  click here to provide us with additional detail and your member information. I would request that these no longer be sent on your account. This is common practice for credit card companies (not just USAA) but I am sure they would honor that request. 

As a member community manager, I moderate conversations. I"m not a member services representative and I do not have access to your account or your member information. I hope that clears up any confusion. 

Happy New Year! 


Hello,  Is my educated guess correct with regards to writing a "Convenience Check" to myself for the purpose of a cash advance?

I also received a "personal opinion" from a rep via phone. In my personal opinion, personal opinions have NO place in business. I'll be leaving usaa very soon.


Please see my reply below to the original post. I am a member community manager, not a member services representative and I did give the member services number and link so that the member could have the situation handled to his/her satisfaction. 

I am sure that this won't be an issue at all. 


If you have additional questions on your account or something we may be able to help you with, please either call, click the link, or email with your member information and your concern. We would love the opportunity to explore every option to solve your concern. 


Thank you!


In the event that someone did get there hands on those checks and did manage to forge your name to cash them, USAA had been known to instantly protect you from any fraud. I have had nothing but exceptional service from USAA.

Agreed, and I said as much in my original post.  USAA is outstanding in backing you when there's a bogus charge on your account.  It's just that these unsolicited convenience checks are too easy to go astray, which then puts the burden on the customer to spot the problem and present the case to the bank.  In the course of normal events, I would definitely spot the problem, but there's no guarantee--I could be delayed in that for any number of reasons, and no one else monitors my account.  That would compound the problem that I, or someone on my behalf, would be facing to get the error rectified.  I'd much rather avoid the hazard altogether--let the bank trumpet their convenience checks in normal advertising like everything else, but don't send the doggone things unless I ask for them.