Continueing decline of USAA

This morning when I tried to login to USAA there was yet another outage.  Once I did get in, checking account entries were just error messages. 


Let me count the ways USAA continues to go downhill at an ever increasing speed:

1. Website is often unavailable and unreliable (let's not even discuss the mobile app).

2. Features that worked for years on the Web site just suddenly start malfunctioning/not working at all

3. Web site "redesigns" worsen usability and hide main functions

    limitations added to expense categories

    removal/disablement of "savings features" on checking accounts

    removing balance projection widgets

    Let's not even talk about the budgeting mess that really didn't work well from day 1

4. Interest rates on deposits are still stuck in rates paid some 10 - 15 years ago. (I have moved my reserve emergency funds to another institution that pays 10x the rate of USAA.  I have a local bank that pays 7X what USAA pays for savings on a _free_ checking account.

5. Telephone support is non-existent -- unless you can wade through the phone tree

6. online support is... Well, I'm sure there will be a bot reply to this post about "how sorry we are that you feel this way" and nothing else will ever happen.

7.  2% cash back credit card is gone - oh, and by the way just as they cut that out I found a couple of competitors that offer 2% on everything plus %5 in the first year. 

8.  The cash back checking just went away this week.  That gets converted to a checking account that in reality pays no interest at all


I really, seriously question myself every day why I'm still here.


I will say the bill pay - when you can get to it - still works fairly well and when USAA has a "relationship" (god only knows what that means) the payments are quick.  Compared to the two other institutions I use USAA is quicker.


So, although  USAA doesn't give a poo-smell-in-the-wind about individual customers, your bill pay is the _only_ thing holding me here anymore.  


I have no idea who in your management tree decided that screwing customers is the way to keep a functional business running, but good luck with that,



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Your statements are all very true, I went through most of the same issues plus a major security breach on one of my accounts that almost cost me 5K.  I finally saw the light and got ALL of my banking and insurance out of here.

I'm much happier and safer at my new banks.

-Emily... if you are not a bot... Thanks for the canned response and false hopes. The silent majority that is dissatisfied with "enhancements" is growing.


I for one, would love to see the site the way it was in 2015... back when it was quick and usable.

As canned and repetitive as those responses are to almost every post on here, I don't see how they can be anything but Bots.


The "engage the appropriate areas" is 100% always means a call from the "office of concerned presidents" or some such.

They are always happy to call and offer the latest platitudes, though nothing will ever actually be done.


They don't care enough to know that I have explicitly asked USAA on many, many occasions not to call during certain business hours - I work from home and phone calls interrupting meetings are extremely annoying.  I get enough spam calls, I don't need more from USAA.   And that's about what they amount to considering the difference they make.


Good morning @ImDone, I regret to hear you feel this way as we never want to lose a member. I was able to locate your USAA profile and will engage the appropriate area. If additional information is needed they may reach out to you. Thank you for bringing these concerns to our attention, have a good day! -Emily

Hello, Emily Bot.


I just called in for technical support on this and hung when I was prompted FOR THE THIRD TIME to authenticate.

What is USAA doing to make money?  You sure aren't taking care of your customers.