The ticker that runs across the investments page is not showing the accurate market close positions for today, Monday, October 6, 2014. Is there a reason why the ticker has not been updated? It is now 8:20pm Central and the markets have been closed for several hours. We are all still having the problem with the mutual fund postions not being updated in a timely manner and there have been several posts regarding that, but apparently that is not goting to get fixed. Can the ticker be fixed so it shows the corrrect market close?



Thank you for your feedback. I will pass it through to the appropriate department and make sure that they are aware. 


I sent the note to the appropriate department which returned an email stating that they "took a look at  the ticker on and it’s matching my stock tickers on Yahoo! And Bloomberg markets. It looks like it might have been a temporary glitch." 


If you experience further issues, will you reply here so that I may pass it along? Thank you!