again, again, again and AGAIN......continued harrasment by USAA.  The constantly shut down my credit card for NO reason.  Then I have to call them and it usually takes 1 hour and nothing gets corrected.  The DISCRIMINATE with anyone with a nexus to Mexico.  I have been using my card in Mexico (for the past 4 years)......they cannot allow me to use it with ANY nexus to Mexico.  They once told me that "all charges inMexico" are suspicious.  This has been constant for 4 years......It has now taken me 2 days, many phone calls, and still the same disgusting stupidity.  I cannot wait for the day to switch accounts to Bank of America.....USAA SUCKS  


Hello @Titothedog. I am very sorry to hear of your concerns. I will forward your feedback for further review. -Colleen

Be thankful they are carefully monitoring your account.  Someone in Mexico duplicated my card and was using it without my permission.  I was thanful USAA caught it and refunded the charges.  Also be thankful for what they give back at the end of the year, how they stand up for you in a vehicle crash, cover your losses in a hurricane, and less fees than other businesses.  If you're going to complain like this, have fun with more fees from another bank.

It is not USAA's fault that payments from Mexico are suspicious. Be grateful they are monioring your account for YOUR protection.


By the way, I used to be with Bank of America and I will never use them again!  Just a heads up!

When commissioned in 1965 I opened an account with tne National Bank of Fort Sam Houston because they had physical branches on many military installations around the world.  And, I opened an account with the gold standard of military banks, USAA.  Through years of mergers and acquisitions the Fort Sam bank became the Bank of America, Fort Sam Houston branch.  Service deteriorated with the new Fort Sam ownership and I closed my accounts with them upon retirement.  I still have my USAA account for checking, insurance, and credit cards with my savings and investments elsewhere. 

 Thank you for your over 50 years of membership @Dinglesan. We greatly appreciate you and thank you for your support. -Colleen