I just went through the process of having to call a USAA representative to get trade confirmations in order to transfer funds from USAA to another brokerage firm.  These confirmations were not available on the website and the rep had no idea why or how I could access the electronic statement.  When I explained the problem to her, it was more of an attitude of "not my problem."


The continuing decline of customer service and website features is apparent in the number of times I have to call, and the very L-O-N-G conversation that ensues.  Too many peripheral questions about the transaction(s)  - why are you transferring, etc - 


The basic banking experience is good.  No charges for ATM transactions, access while traveling to foreign countries, smart device access and actually cutting edge features for deposits, transfers, etc.  


Somewhere along the way, USAA jumped the track and in an effort to gain members, has lost focus on service to its members. 


Dear Davtul,

I apologize for the decline in service you have received and would like to get a specialist from brokerage in touch with you so that we may ensure what happened to you does not happen to another member. We would truly appreciate hearing more of your feedback and request you message us here with additional details and the best way to contact you. Thank you for taking time to post about your experience.

Chapter 2.  After speaking with a brokerage rep about account statements, I learned that if you are signed up for paper statements, you cannot get on-line trade confirmations without calling in.  It's an all-or-none program.  I would prefer the on-line confirmations, but  paper statements; however, that is not an option and even the rep stated they (USAA) have received a lot of complaints.


Well, USAA, do something.  The reason I needed a trade confirmation was to transfer the holdings to another brokerage firm.  Having to spend this amount of time on something that should be provided or an option is why I'm moving the assets.


Need I say more?

Davtul's last statement is spot on. Not a criticism, simply true.