I've been with this bank 9 years now. I just started using mobile deposit and the first few time went great. Then I made a mistake and tryie to help a friend and his check was returned due to the checks account being closed. Now I get constant holds placed on my deposits. Even though the last recent five mobile deposits buy money order which is available to be paid ONN despot the bankers bring the FDIC but the FDIC is told me it is the bank and since it is a money order as you be payable immediately but they will not release my money


Hello B.O.N.E. Holds are placed on items that are not considered verified funds. Any paper item deposited via Mobile app or at an ATM are unverified. Until the check is processed through the Federal Reserve and the originating bank, we are not in receipt of those funds. Verified funds include: Wire Transfers, Direct Deposits and Electronic Transfers. My recommendation would be if you have an external bank, to add that account to your transfer funds list & you can simply use our mobile app or website to transfer the funds into your account. I hope this information is helpful for future deposits. ~ Lori