In 2017 I lost my job with a resulting $100,000 cut in pay for the job I was then able to find. The new job could not even begin to cover my expenses, including payments on previous debt, and I was forced to incur more debt as a result. It was early 2019 before I found a job with income equal to what I had lost in 2017. Eventually two of my credit cards were charged off, even though I was making payments on them, and I'm still paying them while getting derogatory notices on my credit report every month. Those derogatory notices will continue until I pay off those cards in full, according to the issuing bank, and my remaining debt is generally at interest rates of 20% or more because of the 2017 setback. My total debt now is about $55,000. Do you think it's a good idea, if I can do so, to find a consolidation loan and pay off everything to eliminate both the dings on my credit report and the high interest rates I'm carrying?