Considering Leaving USAA Over Their Partnership with TurboTax

Most banks and brokerages offer physical and digital copies of their financial tax forms.  USAA does too, but due to their partnership with TurboTax they require its use to export forms directly.  The ignore all other tax programs such as H&R block.  This requires any members who are not using TurboTax to manually input all of their data, including lengthy divident and brokerage transactions.  Some of these can take hours.  


I find this to be annoying and I'm considering moving my business to a company that doesn't attempt to manipulate me into purchasing partner products.  




Michael David, we appreciate you taking the time to post. Your feedback is important to us and we regret the frustration this has caused for you. I am engaging a team of specialists to review your concerns and follow-up with you. Thank you. -Meredith