My husband has had USAA checking for awhile, I just got an account and was curious how I connect them for easy transfers and easy bill pay. Thank you




Let me walk you through the process.


1. USAA will automatically display any USAA Accounts to include linked Checking Accounts of Family Members after they have added you to their account and/or after you have added them to your account.


  • When your Spouse adds YOU to THEIR account YOU will be able to see your Spouses Account when you logon.

  • When YOU add YOUR SPOUSE to YOUR account they will be able to see YOUR account when they logon.

  • Each Family Member must perform the Add Family Member action only if each have DIFFERENT CHECKING ACCOUNT NUMBERS. **Note: If using a "Joint Checking Account" then only one "owner" needs to perform the "Add Family Member" action.

2. Every USAA Member can Add Family Members to their Account. Here is how:


  • At the TOP of the any USAA Webpage click on My Profile Pop-Down Menu then click on Add Family Members.

  • At BOTTOM of Manage Personal Information webpage click on Add Family Member (see figure).

    (Image Created by WEBSITE GURU)

  • On Add Family Member Pop-Up Dialog select appropriate Family Member's Relationship to You (see figure)

    (Image Created by WEBSITE GURU)

  • Click appropriate Radio Button for Personal Details Section.

  • Complete Additional Input Form(s) and other on-screen instructions.

3. IMPORTANT: You then may need to perform the steps for Adding and Account found here prior to doing any Funds Transfers and Bill Pay actions.


4. Once you (and your spouse) have completed the steps shown in paragraph 2 and 3 above, the both of you will have access to each others accounts to use as you wish, like for Funds Transfers and Bill Pay actions.


5. PLEASE NOTE: Prior to performing any financial transactions on Linked Accounts to help protect you from fraud and theft, USAA requires that the accounts you own must go through an account owner verification process before they will be available for use in funds transfers. This verification process must be completed prior to performing any Funds Transfers and/or Bill Pay actions.


6. More related informaion about Manage and Adding Accounts can be read in the FAQ found here.


I hope this helps you and answers your question.

Thank you for your thorough answer Website Guru!