I was using my USAA savings account to hold on to money that I would need in an emergency.  When Covid hit I was planning on using this money to cover the expenses that would follow.  For a while it was working I had the money that I needed just in case something went wrong.  Then I got hacked.  2K was taken out of my USAA account without my knowledge.  Then more money was taken from my NONE USAAA personal checking account.  I cant find the setting to turn off withdrawls to transfer money.  USAA's faceless fraud department is saying that I am liable for the money.  Now I need gas money to get back and forth to a job I am desperately trying to hold on to and the best USAA can tell me is to submit a form an wait.  Just wait.  I have spoken to Martin Boyer, Angelina, Jenny, and a host of other call center representatives and people that tell me they are in the Executive Resolutions Department.  Still I need to get to work.  I have been a member of USAA for 19 years, I served in the Army for 10 with an honorable discharge and the best, the absolute best support I can get for staying with this company is 'I can submit a form an wait.  I understand but that is the best I can do.'  NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the spending history shows that this is usual for me.  My gas is low, my family is running out of food and I need to get to work.  6K was stolen from me, via USAA and the best they can tell me is I am liable.  


How is that supporting soldiers?  How is that supporting Veterans?  How is that support?  I can get that kind of support from ALL STATE.  I can get UCKED OVER like this from CaptialOne.  I can get robbed like this on the street.  I ask you all the same question that I asked Martin, Nick, Angelina, and Jenny.  What am I supposed to do while I am waiting for someone to overrule the fruad department?  What am I suppose to do now???? 


Sorry to hear your tragedy.  It's a crying shame that USAA was not more responsive to your needs.  I QUIT, finally. I refuse to deal with a company that treats it's customers like this. I tranferred all the money I had in savings tonight. I got two quotes for car/home insurance from two companies on linetonight, and when those are confirmed (within the week)  I'll be done with USAA forever, after 45 years.  I don't deal with scum.  And that's what usaa has turned into over the last 20 years.  Money or coverage is no longer the issue.  Integrity and honesty is, and USAA no longer meets the standard,  they should be ashamed of themselves.  Peacock needs to be burned at the stake.  Destroyed a once, fabulous company.  Greedy B. 


I struggled with this.  I'm finally at peace.  Feels mighty good!!!

Us too...with USAA 50 years...and now done with them. The new insurance company SAFECO is acutally better coverage and less money.

@Beach girl 60, I'm sorry to hear that we lost your business and would like to learn more about what took place. Can you please share more with me regarding your experience? ~Danielle

I've been ucked over too.  We changed everything that we could over to another company.  This is the worst company I've ever dealt with.  

This just happened to me and refused to say it’s fraud. What was the final outcome in ur case?