Communication with CEO's Office Regarding Secured Credit Card

USAA, still no response. Care to respond to my multiple requests???????? I'm still waiting for my phone call back. Unbelievable.
So I guess I'm never going to get a call back from Daniel in the CEO's office....AND I GUESS ILL JUST CONTINUE TO MOVE ALL MY BUSINESS AWAY FROM USAA!!
USAA??? Is anyone there?? Are you going to help me. I'm waiting for a call back from Daniel in the CEO's office!!

"I find that unacceptable and as a member of USAA ridiculous that they would talk to the membership like that."


What member/membership?  Haven't you figured out you are NOT a member but just a customer!  USAA no longer knows what customer service is as that part of its philosphy was abandoned over 30 years ago.  All that matters and remains is maximizing revenue and earnings to pay its executive management team very large salaries and bonuses.  USAA exists for the betterment of upper management, not for quite awhile now what are nice sounding but erroneously labeled "Members"! 


Best of luck to all  ------