Communication with CEO's Office Regarding Secured Credit Card

On July 14th I was contacted by Daniel from the CEO's office regarding my ongoing dispute with USAA since 2014 regarding the Secured Credit Card. Our conversation didn't go well because he was lacking the understanding of my issue and concerns and instead wanted to just repeatedly tell me the matter was "closed".

I find that unacceptable and as a member of USAA ridiculous that they would talk to the membership like that.

He promised to "look into the matter" more and get back to me within 6-10 days. I have held off posting till now to give him the time they need to "research" the issue that is clearly documented both here and in their files.

Can USAA please have Daniel from the CEO's office get back to me for a status update as it has now been over 2 weeks?!?!


USAA? No response???

No response, what a surprise.  I'm shocked.

Humm....and I trust USAA with my money, but they don't even have the ability to respond.  Guess I need to continue to move my money and accounts away from USAA.  Once again I am asking for the CEO's office to please get back to me like they promised! 

So shocked!(NOT)

No return phone call yet from the CEO's office. It's so frustrating dealing with USAA. Literally the worst banking operation I have have ever come across!! I am again requesting that Daniel from the CEO's office call me back like he promised!

Please have the CEO's office call me back ASSP, as I have to make a decision on my family's finances, and my credit situation, since I am a furlough worker in this pandemic!!

Dear @MarkMM 

Our goal is to assist and resolve any members questions and concerns to the members satisfaction, but acknowledge in some cases that is not possible. We ask that you refrain from posting further about this subject. 


We make an effort to protect discussions from repeated submissions- either by the same author or different authors, further posts on this matter will be combined into one thread or removed from the forum. Violations may result in a temporary ban from posting in the community. 


Thank you.


You. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.

MAYBE I wouldn't repeatedly post if you RESPONDED appropriately in the FIRST PLACE!!!!

Dear unnamed USAA Social Service worker.  The customers/members are the OWNERS of USAA, who are you to be censoring one of us.

49 year member, probably won't make 50.