Is there a WIKI or some kind of posted information on how move funds into and out of Coinbase using a USAA checking account?


After adding my Coinbase Wallet, I can see what I own at Coinbase, but, it's not apparent how to move funds from my USD dollar balance at Coinbase into my USAA Checking account - from that USAA Coinbase wallet display choices. 


So, I figured maybe adding a external account would allow it to participate in a TRANSFER like I can with my external credit union account.


However, trying to add as an external account (there is selection choice for it), keeps failing.   USAA for one keeps logging me out.  When I do get back to it after a day, the Add External Account recognizes that I'm back, and then I move forward (a bit) and I get sent an authorization email from Coinbase and I click that it's OK to use the account from the machine.  However the USAA box is asking for a TOKEN, and there is no TOKEN supplied in the Coinbase email that was sent to me.   Well, there is one, but it never changes.  So, after it fails on the USAA Coinbase Add External Account, I click "REFRESH" and after about 5 tries, Coinbase sends me the same email albeit a new one.  The TOKEN along with the "OK to use the new device" button is there.  I put the same TOKEN in the USAA box and it comes back saying that it's expired.  'Seems like no matter what I do, I can't add as an external account.


All of the posts on this topic seem like they're quite old, which gives me the hope that maybe this has been resolved.  If you have found a way transfer money to-and-fro USA and - please let me know you made that happen.


Thank you.


Hello @ CryptoEyes, 


The issue you're experiencing when attempting to Add a Non-USAA Account can be due to our security flag if your membership is less than 30 days old.

If so, please wait the 30 day period from the date you became a member and attempt to add the external account again. 

Thank you! ~ Lori C