Hello. My secured credit card was closed, without warning, by USAA and I have recently paid off the remaining balance. Will I receive back my original deposit? If so, how? 


@chaplowThanks for reaching out to us. Due to security reasons, we cannot discuss account activity or details through social media or email. In addition, we are unable to make outbound calls. Please contact us using our secured chat on http://usaa.com or mobile app. From the USAA website, you can chat with us by selecting "Reach a Representative", "Contact USAA" or "Ask USAA". From the USAA Mobile App, you can select "Help" and then "Get Contact Options". - Ben

You'd think USAA would be able to answer your question with a simple yes or no but can't. Maybe it's because they want to tell you (via voice) that they no longer offer that product, and you'll have to apply for a regular credit card. If you search USAA's Community page, you will see a lot of people posting about the absence of secured credit cards. Members have constantly asked for the product to be brought back not given any indication that it would return.