USAA, lead the charge to encourage the US financial system to implement chip and pin for better credit card fraud protection!


I 100% agree. We as a country should have switched to this YEARS ago. The rest of the world has been there for a long time!

I have just been the victim of card fraud again.  This is the second time in less than a year.  What will it take for change?  I applaude USAA for doing a great job but America as a whole needs to make this change.  Whoever did this to my family had their fun and will just go on to the next victim.  I'm the one with the headache of sorting this out and dealing with it.  

LucasJ (and other posts),

The Chip Card is already on it's way - please see this link for details:

Thank you Tara, this is very encouraging! Any news on the possibility of merchants making the switch? We were stationed in the UK when they made the switch. It went off smoothly from our point of view. How is USAA working with other financial institutions/consumer groups/merchants to get everyone on board?
Thanks for the follow up!


Thank you for the note in reply! I do not have any additional information, however, I will pass your feedback through to the appropriate department. Please email us your member number and questions/concerns to [Removed Link].