Chip and Pin Card, Finally! USAA thank you...How about my Debit Card!

Finally the added security of our transactions is upon us. To bad it will take so long for merchants to transistion.  Lets push the merchants and give incentives to them to hustle their upgrades.  Reportedly by October 2015, Mastercard and Visa will have changed out their cards.  Are European neighbors (across the ocean) have been using technology daily for long periods of time and it works.  American could have done this years ago, but corporations wear the pants and control the individuals.  We experience this to many times. 


Can we get our debit cards converted?  There are no cash advanced fees attached! 


Who cares. Like I really feel so secure now. 

I think the EMV conversion is a great step in the right direction for transaction security.  This will make our accounts and cards much less vulnerable to identity theft and all of these data breaches that have been all over the news!