Checking account, saving, insurance, etc.

I am on the web within USAA and found Community by accident.  I wanted to check on my checking account so I left Community and took care of business.  I wanted to back to Community forum and couldn't find it.  So I went to chat.  The representative could not find it no matter how I phrased it.  I gave up and did a search and found it.  So what is wrong with the USAA reps who are not familiar with the website?  Why bother working in support?  Apparently, USAA is having trouble finding good help and is no longer able to keep up its high standards from earlier years.  I read some customer complaints and am disappointed.  I have been using USAA since 1968, so over 54 years.  A long time.  I hate to see USAA deteriorate. 

Sincerely,  A Longtime Customer

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Hi @40 yr plus member 

I am so glad you found the Community- I'm sorry it was not easy!


You can get to it by shortcut link


There is a link in the footer on all pages (scroll all the way down to the bottom to find the footer navigation bar):

Community in USAA Footer.jpg


Thanks again for taking the time to comment and for your long time membership! I look forward to more posts from you!

@40 yr plus member - Thank you for your message and your feedback, As employees do not have access to the Member Community page to post(with the exception of moderators) they are not using this system. However, we definitely want them to  be aware, We appreciate you sharing your experience today. - jason