Seems like a lot of fintech companies have been providing a lot of new useful features. USAA provides a solid product but with some of these new features by N26,One,Oxygen usaa can learn in enhance features of money management. I know you are releasing an update but features reference of more live version how to control the active flow. Anything in works to enhance the checking in this capability or other planed deployment to enhance the offering. Also, should mention that a lot of them are starting to offer more cash back options for shopping at selected stores etc. that may not be perfect but it’s more than what we currently have. I know we have a few banks that just offer a % cash back on debit transactions.


Hello @batman23, Appreciate you taking time to provide us with your suggestion! We always value members, like yourself, who are keen to give us their feedback. I'll be sure to pass on what you have told me to the appropriate area. If necessary and if it proves to be beneficial for our members, as well as our company,  an enhancement will be made. I hope future enhancements will better meet your needs. ~Sarah