Fellow members, please check your homeowner's insurance coverage today!  There have been numerous 'natual disasters' this year thanks to Mother Nature.  I was affected by a hurricane that flooded my area and closed my street and numerous other streets where I live.  My backyard, back porch, pool - everything flooded.  Another inch of rain and it would have been inside  my home.  The next day, I called USAA to ensure I was covered.  I was told yes; submit my claim with all my damages listed.


Next thing I know, my claim was denied because USAA said it was ground water (the rain water sat on the ground!).  With all the emails from the CEO, Wayne Peacock, talking about these troubling times, I sent him an email and asked him to look into my claim considering there was almost $6000 worth of damage done.  I was contacted by the advocacy team (never the CEO himself).  I was told that I would hear something from the claims director in 48 hours.  A week later and many unanswered calls later, I finally got through to the Advocay team.  Aparently the directly was out.....  It was sent to someone 'sitting in'.  Another three days later, I was told the claim was still denied.  I was told to get flood insurance..... WHAT?!?


This is how USAA takes care of Veteran's??  I have paid my insurance for 10 years with no issues and only had two claims.  When I needed USAA, they turned their back on me.


Check your policy.  You may to leave also.


@Insurance Scam, I hate to know that you are having concerns with the handling of your homeowners claim. I have located your information and I am escalating this to a specialist to look into further. Please allow 2-3 business days for them to begin researching your situation and reach out to you.