Check registers - why is so hard to order them?

I'm out of check registers. I don't live in SA. I called yesterday and tried to order them. The person put me on hold for around 5 minutes; then I hung up on him because I don't have all day. It seemed like he didn't know what a check register is and had to go ask someone. Today, I came online to order them. I can find no where to order them online. If it's there, it must be buried very thoroughly.  Try searching how to order check registers in the online help area/community. Good luck with that. You'll get all kinds of unhelpful answers. Now I am chatting with a USAA rep (Pam V); the very first suggestion she has for me is to order them online. Then she says she wants to show me how to order them online...she assumed I wanted to because I mentioned I couldn't find the link to do so. That would be a grand idea but I am out of time and must work at my job now. I don't have all day. She is asking me to wait another 2-3 minutes while she submits my order for a measly 5 check registers. Chat ended up taking 20 minutes. Can someone tell me when did USAA become so difficult on such a tiny thing as reordering check registers? Something that should take at most 2 or 3 minutes taking more like 30 minutes. Then I took the chat survey and was surprised to see it was over 25 questions. Who has time for all that. I don't blame the person who helped me today; I blame the people over her for a) web design making it hard to find the register order link; b) not staffing enough people to handle the call/chat volume; c) making the ordering of something so basic like registers a laborious task taking 2-3 minutes. No wonder people are leaving this bank. We transferred our investments out but still have checking/saving and need to reconsider if USAA is still the best fit for us. Will anyone who can change current procedure read this? I doubt it based on my experience with USAA.


CHAT STARTED AT 8:41 AM, 18 Feb 2015.
[This is WHYSODIFFICULT chatting under WHYSODIFFICULT profile]. Good morning, I'm trying to order say around 5 check registers but am not finding the link to do so. Can you help me? Thanks.

A USAA representative will be with you shortly.

You are now chatting with Pam V..

PAM V. 8:51 AM
Good morning. Thank you for chatting with USAA! I apologize for the delay in responding to your message; USAA is currently experiencing high volumes. I will be happy to see how I can help you today with ordering registers. To better assist you, I may need to ask you a few questions.

PAM V. 8:52 AM
Can I please have the last 4 digits of your bank account


PAM V. 8:53 AM
Thank you. Please be advised, you can order the registers online. Please go into your checking account page where you can see your recent transactions. '

I'm sorry but I'm having a hard time finding that link. Can you help me?

I'm a loyal customer.

Do I need to give my right kidney or something?

I've already tried to order over the phone yesterday and again this morning online but cannot find the link.

Can you help me? Pretty please. Why is this so difficult for customers to do?

PAM V. 8:55 AM
I understand, I am trying to help you. Did you not want me to show you how? I am sorry, I thought that is what you wanted. If you want me to just order them I can. How would you like to proceed?

At this point, I would like you to just order them. How many can I get?

PAM V. 8:56 AM
You stated you wanted 5, correct?

That would be lovely, if it's ok, yes 5.

PAM V. 8:56 AM
Okay. What is the address you want them mailed to?

123 Main St, Anytown USA ...How long do you think before I will get them?

PAM V. 8:58 AM
It can take 7-10 business days for delivery. Please give me 2-3 minutes to submit your order. Please stay connected.

I will, thank you!

PAM V. 9:01 AM
Thank you for your patience. I have submitted your order for your registers. Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery. Was there anything else I can help you with or did you have any other questions?

No, thanks, that's all I needed.



How to reorder Check Registers  (and checks or deposit slips)


Log on to

Go to your checking account

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select "order checks and/or Deposit Slips with Envelopes"

USAA - My Accounts - Account Summary 2015-02-18 13-57-01.png


You will then be directed to a Harland Clarke Page, Where you can order replacement Registers

Harland Clarke Checks Online Catalog 2015-02-18 13-59-44.png


I hope this helps.


Thank you

The webpage no longer looks like this.  I can't figure out how to order blank registers for free.  I only see the 2 and 5 pack which you have to pay for.  Same thing with deposit slips, I can't order free ones.

Dear WhySoDifficult,

I am sorry for the wait time you experienced on the phone and with the chat feature. I am glad Pam was able to assist you, and I have passed your feedback about handing volume and making it more obvious where you can order check registers. I have posted a separate comment with a step by step to order registers which I hope helps.


Please let me know if i can help with anything else! Thank you for posting.

Thank you Briana for taking time to respond and copy/paste those helpful screenshots. I did find that link later. Unfortunately the user can only order 1 (ONE) register. Can you put in a request to be able to more more than 1? For example, a drop-down with 1, 2, 3, 4 would be lovely.


1 register would be a waste of my time and I'm back to calling or chatting with a USAA rep to order > 1.


Thanks again.

I went out and bought an actual ledger book it's so much easier than trying to order the little ones all the time.

All you have to do is make several orders.  You can only order one at a time but you can make multiple orders.  Absolutely stupid if you ask me the set for it.  Or you can pay for the 2 or 5 pack which doesn't make sense since they are supposed to be free.  However the website no longer looks like the screenshots above.  I can't figure out how to order anything for free but the actual checks...

BM2 SW Morgan, Let me see if I can help.

From the bottom of your account page select Order Checks and/or Deposit Slips w/Envelopes from the Services options.

Select the both the NEXT and Continue buttons to be taken to Harland Clark.

From the center of the page, under USAA Free Products, select USAA Replacement Register, the next page will show you the Two Line Register, click on that image. If the next page you come to does not display a Green Button "Add to Cart" refresh your page.

Once successfully added to cart, you will be taken to the shopping cart to either check out or you may select Continue Shopping. The Price will display $0.00. If you need additional assistance please let me know. ~ Lori