So I wrote my rent check on Saturday. I realize this morning my account had been on hold for the past week and I called in. My account is no longer on hold and is in good standing. I'm wondering if (assuming my landlord deposited the check on Saturday when it was recieved) if it will have bounced? If my account was shown as closed/unavailable would the check have been immediately rejected or will it be able to be processed again and funds taken out today? How long does it usually take for a check to process? Will a bank try to process it multiple times?


Thank you for your post, thecuredyolk.  Checks can take 1-2 business days to process, depending on when the receiving party deposits them. I have sent you an email on Please login and respond so I may provide further detail. Since this is considered a public forum we want to keep your information private for your security. Thanks, Jen

Hello, I replied to the message sent a few hours ago and haven't recieved a response yet. As this is a time sensitive matter, please respond asap. Thank you.

Thecuredyolk, thanks for your post. I sent you a reply back just now. You can respond to that message as it comes directly to me (I recieve notification). Have a great one!  Jen