I can't understand why USAA thinks removing check images from our access after 90 days is a good idea.


The stements still have our full account number and the routing number is public knowledge. You can find it anywhere, so security seems like a poor excuse for removing these images.


So for now, I have to log onto the usaa web site and manually download images of every check I send, or I have to contact a Chat rep and have them look up the image in 4 months? This is when our checks start dissapearing from now on?  How is this not a move away from good service?  How is this helpful for people that work at the bank?  This is just annoying.  There has to be a better way. Its seems to me that the statement redesign made it too hard to incorperate check images. 


The new statements are not an improvemnet. It was better when debits and credits were sectioned off.


@mememeG, I certainly understand how this change is frustrating. I know how important it is to see those images. I located your info and I am forwarding this feedback now. We appreciate you reaching out about this.  ~Tom

Agree 100% that the new statements are awful.