Change Parent's Checking Account to Joint?

I have my checking account at USAA FSB and so does my father. He is getting up in years and increasingly I help him navigate financial matters. He asked is it possible add me as a joint account holder to his USAA FSB Checking account? 


Is it? And if so, request some forms or something?


Likewise is there some sort of POD or Payable on Death designation online or on a form needed?



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@trhao - Update - I just searched Forms within USAA and see that USAA does actually have a form called Power of Attorney form that might work for you.  

@trhao - it is probably better to have your father add you as a power of attorney on his account instead of making his account a joint account with you.  The reason for this is that you have your own individual account at USAA and if something awful should happen to your dad's account (e.g. fraud that you don't catch right away) and you are the joint owner of your dad's account, USAA can and will come after your personal account.  And yes you can add POD or TOD but I am unsure if you can do it online or need to actually fill out a form.  The USAA power of attorney forms can be found online (USAA doesn't actually call them POA forms and I am sorry but I can't quite remember what they are called right now).  Once the POA form is filled out and filed with USAA, you should be able to help your dad with his banking needs.  You just may have to remind the USAA reps that you have a POA for your dad.  I have had POAs for my daughters for years (throughout college and now as they lived in other countries) and I have been able to help them with their finances with the USAA POA.