Six years ago I had most of my money at USAA in CDs.  The rates were good back then but then they didn't keep up with the competitors, despite a lot of complaints from members.  I found better and switched all of my banking to other banks.  Now in these troubled financial times I'm doing some comparison shopping again, what I found this morning is that USAA's CD rates are LESS THAN HALF of what I can get at my current bank.


My bit of free advice this morning to anyone who is thinking about USAA banking services is to forget USAA and look around, lots better is available.


Does USAA have any logical explanation for this other than the canned baloney that we usually get?


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@Browniebug, I really liked Jason's response to your question. Short, sweet and to the point. 😉 He can't explain it either. The nice part is that he didn't give the standard response that "USAA's rates are among the most competitive in the industry." ☺️ Just don't hold your breath for the "future improvement" portion. I realized that 3.5 years ago and moved all my financial/investment business elsewhere. 😊 I'm sure a lot of other members did the same.


Agree with you, I moved all my money out of USAA in 2015.  They are just my insurance company now and that probably won't be for long.

I'm with you BrownieBug. 👍

Shop USAA's auto insurance rates around.  You will not believe how much money you will save by leaving USAA.

In your experience who was significantly cheaper?

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Use SelectQuote.  My 1 year policy just renewed for the second time and I am paying 67% less than when I was with USAA.  This is for ful coverage for 4 vehicles.  I was with USAA for 40 years and my last policy was for 4 vehicles with 1 of them being in storage.  So I am now paying 67% less than USAA for better coverage.  Both times the policy has renewed, it has decreased.


If you stay with USAA, enjoy those semiannual rate increases.  What has been intentionally done to USAA is a disgrace.