I am retired by Eglin AFB where can I make A low cost or no cost cash deposit to my USAA saving account


There are no deposit locations near Eglin... I looked it up using the USAA app. The closest location is in Columbus GA which is like 4 hrs away. I know how frustrating that is since there aren't any locations near me in NY either! Sorry :-(

It is quite inconvenient but you can purchase a cheap Money Order like at a gas station or Walmart and use the free postage paid envelopes that USAA sends to you to mail them in.


It takes a few days to get to San Antonio and post but that's the best way I can think of.  If you are taking cash payments from people (like selling an item on Craigslist) you can ask them to pay with Square Cash using their debit card and the money shows up in your checking account the next day with no fees.