How can I deposit cash? There are no USAA banks in my state. Can I buy a money order and write it to myself and deposit it with the mobile app?


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This is exactly what you can do actually.  After purchasing the money order you can in fact deposit it into your account using the mobile app.  See you got this!  All I did was confirm for you.  


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I presume that USAA doesn't reimburse the cost of the money order, so we are expected to pay to use our account for very basic banking.  This doesn't make any sense. What would be an ACTUAL convenient fix, would be a reciprocal deposit agreement, similar to those that are used by most banks.

Thank you for your additional post, liljoeblue. Your understanding is correct that we do not reimburse for the cost of the money order. I received your other post and have shared your comments for further review. Thank you for your membership. -Meredith

WalMart is a convenient place to purchase a money order and then just make it out to yourself and deposit with @mobile on your phone..