Cash Deposit at USAA ATM and still on hold days later???

I'm a new USAA account holder and not liking some of the weird things already. What a pain to find out that you can only do cash deposits at USAA brick-and-mortars, of which there are only like TWO or something in the ENTIRE Washington/Baltimore region. Inconvenient like all get out. I get that you can try to deposit checks by taking a photo of them but since I'm switching banks and I have automatic debits for bills, time is of the essence - so I took the trouble of hunting down a rare unicorn called an "actual USAA ATM" to make a cash deposit so it'll be immediately available. NOT SO MUCH! How is it that a cash deposit in one of its own ATMs is put on hold for several days in the first place? It's not a paper check from a foreign bank that you have to run validations on, people, and it was an ATM with a huge USAA logo slapped onto it inside your OWN building! What's your lame excuse for putting a hold on my CASH deposit so it's not immediately available? Any of you members know about this? It's the weekend so I can't ask anybody. Thanks.


It seems like a cash deposit in a USAA ATM will be available the second business day after the deposit is made.  (for example if you deposit on Monday it will be available Wednesday).


If it is a non-USAA ATM it will be the fifth business day after (which may span a weekend and be a really long wait).


Here is where I got that info:


I think you'll find USAA is a great bank, but not having lots of local branches takes a bit of getting used to.   I don't mind it at all but I've been banking at USAA for more than 20 years now. 




Thank you for your comment regarding your cash deposit. Due to the nature of your post, a service specialist would be in the best position to address your concern. They would be able to review the account in more detail to determine what may be the reason for the delayed availability of funds. As such, we ask that you please click here to provide us with additional detail and your member information. You can also reach a service specialist at 1-800-531-8722. 

Sorry, USAA! This was nothing more than a misunderstanding. What is on hold is a portion of a funds transfer from my other bank that coincidentally is the exact amount that I deposited in cash at the USAA ATM. So, all is good and I thank Shawn who helped me on the phone to clear things all up. As far as the lack of USAA financial centers in my area, I just need to get used to the idea -- frankly, now that I think about it, I probably would be OK with online usage / phone calls for the vast majority of my financial needs. So, sorry for the tone of my post and for the misunderstanding. Thank you!