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I have been out there looking and came across Discover Bank. They offer a cashback checking account that gives you 1% cashback on purchases up to $3,000 per month. This is far superior to the .10 per transaction that USAA is offering. Anyone doing the math sees that it adds $30 per month to use their debit for purchasing. I would really like to see USAA offer this as an option for those that may want to use a debit card in lieu of a credit card and still get rewards. As I say this, cashback checking from USAA isn't even available in MA, so I can't take advantage anyways. I say that if USAA is truly about supporting the financial future of their members, then products like this are what they should be offering. Thank you for your time today.


Thank you for providing your feedback on what you'd like to see with our USAA Cash Back program. I have shared your thoughts with the appropriate team. They will review and reach out to you have if they have any additional questions. - Janay

I agree, the cash back checking option is the right move forward. The current market offers better option through several banks.


- change to a 1% cashback on purchases up to $3,000 per month or 30 dollars. 


Also, most still offer the atm rebates as well. 

Hello @batman23, thank you for your feedback today. We always value feedback from members like yourself who are keen on offering us ways to better serve our members in the future. Have a good weekend :) -Emily

Is this a popular product by the entire member base or do you find limited members switching ?
I would say probably not, if people can get up to 15 dollars in ATM reimbursements versus 3 bucks for thirty transactions, which would you choose?
@jimmyb84 I agree with your statement but I Personal don’t use atm that often. I would suggest @usaa to make the .10 cent standard on all Checking they offer or modify the current Cashback to be more competitive.

batman23 - We appreciate the feedback and suggestion. Please know that we consider all member comments when reviewing product and service enhancements. Thanks for adding your voice tot he conversation. - Jason

Is usaa looking any other options on the checking accounts at this time. I know in the past they have attempted a few different options ?

We are always looking to improve our products and services, @batman23, however at this time, I don't believe we're reviewing options for different checking accounts. The current Classic Checking and the Cash Back Rewards Checking accounts are the only two we have at the moment. I'll be happy to provide your feedback to our team for future product development. - Cathleen