I have tried a couple ATMs as well as stores but it keeps getting denied. I have plenty of money. Anyone else with the problem?


I have had this problem on occasion.  I'll stop at the local grocery and when I try to use my USAA debit card, it is denied even though I know there is well over $1,000 in the account (usually a $150 or so purchase).  Most often this happens due to network problems.  Not anything to do with the bank itself or the account/card.  It is also why I always have a local account.  I keep a minimum in the local account and keep it active enough so the tellers see my face now and again and I don't have problems with an account that is never used.

Hi RUnner50,

If you give us a call at 1-800-531-8722 a banking specialist can look into the matter right away. In the meantime, I have sent your comment over to the bank for further review. Thank you.



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