USAA and Thomas Cianelli,

Just recently i was denied a loan for $40,000 to purchase a used vehicle. I would like to explain why and request a phone reply with your loan department regarding this matter.

Between 2015-2016 I went through a horrific divorce, this divorce had a devastating impact on my military career, my family, my outstanding credit (before then), and my relationship with my banks and creditors. Since then I have retired, payeed off everyone except NavyFederal with whom I am contesting the amount in court due to the charges that were not mines (but of my ex-wife). I currently have retired and work for the department of defense and have no bills except for my basic living expenses (rent, utilities, and child care). I am 100% disable (which I receive compensation for). If this decision remains, how dod I change the perception that I am an asset and not a liability to your loan department. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Please forward this message to:

General Manager, Consumer Lending Experiences
Thomas Cianelli



@peeweejaida, thank you for reaching out to us. I regret to hear of the difficult time you experienced following your divorce and applaud your efforts to reestablish your credit. Due to security and privacy restrictions we are unable to discuss account or loan detail information via social media. I recommend giving us a call at 800-531-8722. A lending specialist will be able to review your application and provide additional details regarding the decision. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you.