All of a sudden I cannot pruchase HEMP stocks via USAA.  I can purchase via E-Trade, so why can't I purchase via USAA?  I receive this message "Opening transactions for Pink Sheets (without information) are not permitted because of the risks associated with these securities and all Microcap securities."


@Tloe, I appreciate you bringing this to our attention. I'll be happy to forward it to the appropriate area for further review for you. Thank you! ~ Stacy

Thank you


Still cannot purchase HEMP stocks. Still get the same "error" posted by earlier user.

@naviator2003, thank you for reaching out. I'm engaging the appropriate area to help with your request. -Paula

USAA Stock brokerage is a joke.
Usaa is Soooo Expensive. Anyway hey usaa.....why can't I buy micro cap stocks. Why do you care if it's risky???

Good evening @YankeeMann I will have a specialist reach out to you on this question. - Ralph 

I managed to purchase some Pink Sheet sticks. The commission charged is near theft. I dont think there is a cap on their charges either.

With the new financial tools they released it is a liquidate and run scenario. I've lost so much money due to the fake real time app that it's not even funny.

I have forwarded your concerns to the appropriate area @GrStaKa and I have reached out to a Subject Matter Expert to help with a review of your account. They will be contacting you and appreciate your patience during the review period. ~ Joseph