You cannot straddle the fence.  You must choose the people you say you serve. Tucker Carlson is a menace to our society. If you are truly about the military community, you would not hesitate to do the right thing.

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Menace to our society? Really.  So everyone who has a different opinion than yours is a menace to our society?  Someday people in power may think your opinion is a menace to our society and cancel you.  Please careful what you wish for.

You are okay with a born with a silver spoon-in-his- mouth coward who hasn't served a minute in any military branch despairage and denigrate our military leaders for doing their jobs honorably. You need to take a real close look at your morals, which have been sadly discimated over the last four years....

Morals have nothing to do with it.  I may not like his opinion but I support his right to state his opinion.  His show is an OPINION show.  You don't like his opinions, don't watch his show.  A gun is not pointed at your head to force you to watch his show.  You don't like what USAA is doing, take your business elsewhere.  You want to change the way USAA does business, apply for the job of CEO next time it comes open or get elected to the Board of Directors and make any changes to USAA you want.

I posted this response to another message yesterday, but I think it a fitting concurrrence with yours as well.  I couldn't agree more with your assessment of that dribbling idiot Carlson. While I fully believe in, and embrace every American's right to freely express themselves, I also have the right to demonstrate my displeasure with an organization by taking my business elsewhere. For USAA to continue spending money to advertise during his program is UNSAT, and if it continues beyond the end of this week I will be closing my account of more than 20 years and express my opinion with another bank. I could go on for days about how ridiculous it is for a fool like that ignorant, entitled, privileged, non-serving clown to insult active duty / former military members, but I will instead give USAA the opportunity to do the right thing and part ways with the Tucker Carlson show. Honor and respect are earned, not bought.... show me what you got USAA!