Can you split a transaction to more than one category in money manager?


I am currently using a differenty system for budgeting, but I think money manager might fit my needs.  However, I have not found a way to split a transaction into multiple categories.  Is it possible?  If not, are there plans to make this available?  I can't use it for budgeting if I can't split transactions into multiple categories.






Thank you for your inquiry. Currently, split transactions is not an available feature and there is no time frame of when it will be. Once we have this feature, our members will be the first to know. I will be sure to share your feedback with our team. 

I  would LOVE to have this feature.  I would use money manager if it were a feature.  Until then, I will keep using mint.

Lakeview, The team to best address your question, can be reached at 877-632-3002. Thank you for your membership. Happy New Year! ~ Lori

I've found a couple threads regarding this topic dating back to 2015. Is there a reason this feature is taking so long to add to Money Manager? This seems like a key feature to properly tracking your budgeted categories.


Hi, SonnyR. Thank you for your post. We have not been provided any updates as to if or when there will be an option to split a transaction. I will be sharing your comments and feedback for further review. We appreciate your membership and the time you've taken to reach out to us. -Meredith

I have been a USAA member for 25 years and a shareholder of this company and I am disappointed in the lack for foresight to include split purchases into the Money Manager budget tool as well as the disregard of USAA to modify the program to allow this function. I have bounced back and forth from USAA and Mint with Mint’s weakness being long transaction update times and USAA weakness being the lack of ability to split purchases. I would like to use the tool provided by my bank. This issue has been around for about 3 years now and USAA has repeatedly stated that they don’t have the function and it is on the radar. Being on the radar for 3 years is not an appropriate response. When is it getting off the radar and moving to development with a projected release date? What department head is in charge of making this decision so the members can start calling and writing letters to this individual?


Daduck, I realize this may be a frustrating matter for you. I understand being able to use the Money Manager with additional functions not currently available is important to you. Your feedback can be collected through this forum and will sent to the appropriate team that will review for possible improvements to our Money Manager tool. I regret I do not have a direct point of contact for you but rest assured we will forward any and all feedback received. We appreciate your time and apologize for not meeting your needs at this moment. - Rhonda

Is there an update to this?


I am confounded that you would go to the trouble of offering a budget tool without the ability to split transactions.   Really, I thought USAA was better than this.   


This is a FUNDAMENTAL feature of any budget tool.   I go to Costco.   I buy food, tools, clothes, and home improvement products.    I NEED TO SPLIT THAT.


Please advise.



Foo Barolo, thank you for your feedback. USAA is continuously looking at ways to help our members with their finances. At this time an option to split transactions is not available. Our members will be the first to know if there a change. -Janay