Can’t access blocked debit card

Good Morning I can’t unblock my debit card because it’s not on the mobile app anymore. It just says order card! When I called customer service they can’t access it either saying system is down! Come on y’all get this together I got to get groceries!
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The same issue is happening to me and is a lot more widespread than this community board is letting on. Damage control is all I can figure. However - SOMEONE - within USAA leadership should have put the message out via email or text instead of us having the shock of not being able to access our money or use our cards - on New Year's Eve no less. Flooding memories of the Y2K debacle come to mind, but I think this was a hack and they're withholding that info until they have to tell us; they have 36 hours to do so. If it really was some kind of maintenance issue, I believe there would have been an alert of some kind. However,
what do you say to your customers about a hack? Someone screwed the proverbial pooch and I hope for our sakes they fix it soon.

I have the same issue!

We can understand the frustration and are working to correct this matter as quickly as possible.  We will ensure your experience is reviewed as well. We apologize for any inconvenience, 

When is this issue going to be fixed
11 hours later no fix WOW they really screwed something up