Calculating payoff savings for a 16plus percent 9000plus credit card balance with bal. transfer cards

wife and I are making payment plan for her credit card with a 9000 plus balance and at least 16 percent, maybe more.

She has an 18mo. 0int Discover card, 3 percent balance transfer fee, 4500 limit,

a 21 mo. Citicard 0int balance 5 % bal. trans fee,

and a USAA card, 0int. until Dec. 2020 3% bal. trans. fee, 2500 limit.

We need to have an online calculator or spreadsheet to see if balance transfer creates a savings, and how much we would save.

We appreciate responses.  USAA rules, everyone else drools!


Hey there @TriggerhappyPappy! We do have a great tool on the website that would help you with this.  Simply type in "Debt Manager Goal" in our search field and you can enter this information.  It will help you list the accounts and layout of which option would be best.  Hope this helps.

great..thanks..will check it out!

The debt manager doesn't work. They've had issues with it for years and its never been fixed. Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 11.18.22 AM.png

I loved the debt roll down tool on the Debt Manager and had been using for about 1 year.  Worked reletively fine (though could never figure out how to actually delete accounts that were closed).  Last month I got the same message as above: system error try again later.  Tried again this month and same thing happened.  I DID CALL WEBSITE TECHNICAL SUPPORT.   I was told that the problem was with external accounts (non-usaa) and I could create a new debt manager without external accounts and it would work.  NO thanks! I have NO debt with USAA so why bother.  I hope they read this and fix the issue -- I do not want to have a debt manager program online elsewhere as I do not trust anyone else with all this info... 



@pulmcc, I'm sorry to hear you're encountering the same trouble with the Debt Manager. I've submitted this feedback to our team for review. Thank you. ~Holland