CEO office call = more frustration

I recently posted my challenges with USAA on another member’s post. I explained how we were misled about cashing in US Savings bonds. A nice person called me and said they will look into who told us to mail the bonds in. Yet, the real issue is why doesn’t USAA Federal Savings Banks honor the bonds that we were encouraged to buy as young enlisted? I thought this was a bank for those who have served. Yet the CEO must not have done
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DD25, The easiest way is to go through the treasury folks. USAA already included the link. The Treasury website will tell you how to inventory them and mail them in. You will have to set up an account with them first, because once you do that, they will ask you to input the info for each bond. That will automatically create the inventory for you to print and mail in with your bonds. Once they're in the system, you see a lot of info for that particular bond (date purchased, Maturity date, denomination of the bond, interest earnes, etc.) As they mature, the only thing you have to do is login to your account and they will tell you which bond it is and what do you want them to. They can direct deposit the amount into a bank account. They can also take out a certain percentage for taxes if you want. I print out and inventory of my bonds every couple of months to see what they're worth at that point, because I keep that info in Quicken. I have a few that will be reaching their maturity in the next few months/years. I don't have to deal with (or try to find) a bank to cash them in. Actually works very well. Give it a try. Beats having to make calls or finding a financial institution that will do it for you without taking a service fee.

@DD25, I regret to hear your recent phone call caused additional frustration. I certainly understand your concerns regarding the purchase of the savings bonds and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. As the US Treasury is the entity that has issued the bonds we recommend visiting for additional guidance with redeeming the bonds. I will be sure to forward your concerns regarding this matter. - Robyn

You haven't answered the OP's question;


'Yet, the real issue is why doesn’t USAA Federal Savings Banks honor the bonds ... '


Nearly all banks will redeem US bonds, but for some reason USAA is not authorized to do so.  The question remains ...  why??